sabato 10 aprile 2010

speech recognition by Android

Hi everybody,
my name is Fipra and I programm for Android sice Jan 2009!
This is the list of my best application!

VocalTranslator (free) 21166 downloads
SpeakChinese (free) 12590 downloads
CountriesPopulation (free) 9596 downloads
PinguinCommand (free) 7250 downloads
DirectTranslator (1.99 euro)
Translator4You (1.99 euro)
DirectTranslatorSpanish (0.99 euro) ~500 licenses sold
VocalSpanishToEnglish (0.99 euro)
VocalGermanToEnglish (0.99 euro)
VocalItalianToEnglish (0.99 euro)
VocalItalianToFrench (0.99 euro)

NearMyPleace (1.50 euro)

click on this Link

Please visit the Android Market and search FIPRA

For more information visit the site


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